About Juliet

Juliet MacLeod is a Scottish native currently living in Southern Arizona. She was educated in Edinburgh and New York City, has worked as a web designer and as a magazine staff writer, and is currently employed as chief dog walker and pooper scooper for His Royal Majesty, Cooper Border Collie.

When not slaving away over a hot keyboard, Juliet enjoys reading, watching movies (her favorites are The Princess Bride and PS - I Love You), and listening to music. She has an unhealthy obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones and Jason Statham's smile.

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About The Jezebel's Daughter, out September 1, 2015:

Loreley Jones, daughter of the governor of the British Colony of Antigua, is orphaned when a hurricane sinks the ship taking her and her family from London to the Caribbean. After washing up on the shores of the Pirates' Republic of Nassau, she is sold into slavery and her virginity is auctioned off. The highest bidder is the notoriously sadistic Gideon Graves, captain of the pirate ship Jezebel. He holds Loreley against her will and repeatedly assaults her until she is rescued by the Jezebel's quartermaster, Sebastian MacIssac.

Sebastian promises Loreley freedom, but only if she disguises herself as a man and works off the cost of her passage aboard the Jezebel. She soon discovers, however, that the freedom she finds at sea is more attractive than the gilded cage of her former life, and even death can't keep her from fulfilling her destiny.